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About The Salt Lick Denver

Jason Edelstein Andrea Hoang Founders of The Salt Lick Records_2.jpg

The Salt Lick ® Records is not your ordinary record label, in fact we’re not a record label at all. Our name uses the verb form of “records” /ˈrekərd/  as in “The Salt Lick records music, videos, and promotional content.” We don’t sell records, we don’t press them, and we don’t sign artists, but we do just about everything else. 


Created by Andrea Hoang and Jason Edelstein, The Salt Lick ® Records started out as the host for the live-session concert series, Songs from The Pond, a platform highlighting the best local acts in Denver’s eclectic music scene. With the help of audio engineer Chris Voss and assistant cinematographer John Baldwin we produced twelve high-quality live sessions with vibrant set-design and artwork on a volunteer basis. Through the production of Songs from The Pond we’ve made long-lasting friendships, and found our way deep into the Denver music community.

Recording at The Salt Lick ® Records is different. We have natural light, plants, comfy chairs, beautiful artwork, and good people (and dog). The best recordings come from the best performances, so we’ve taken a lot of time and care to make our space feel homey and relaxing to encourage those great performances. 


Likewise, our video production services are tailored to the artist or business that we’re working with. We’ll make you  feel comfortable on camera and help you tell your story in an authentic and eye-catching way. 


Though we’ve expanded into serving creatives and entrepreneurs in all industries, our passion is rooted in our local music community. We are constantly showing up for and supporting our peers and you’ll often find us at local events or hosting them ourselves. We host an open-jam every other month at our studio where artists can come together, break-bread, jam and network with each other. Our open jams are a great opportunity to get acquainted with our studio and team-members. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive an invite to our next open jam. 

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