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Co-Founder • Set Design • Video Director • Business Development

Andrea Hoang

Andrea is responsible for imagining the vibe and visuals for the content put out by The Salt Lick Records and for other video clients. She is responsible for painting the mural, creating set design on the shoots, as well as managing social media, catering events at The Salt Lick,  e-mail newsletter, and managing projects The Salt Lick. Other hobbies include backpacking, climbing, and DIY construction projects.

With an eclectic background ranging from Mechanical Engineering, painting, cooking, baking, and running the Denver Engineeers without Borders Chapter, Andrea has been able to apply her organizational, project management and art skills to help make The Salt Lick what it is today and what it could be in the future.


Co-Founder • Director of Photography & Videography

Jason Edelstein

Tired of playing an electric drum-kit to appease his apartment neighbors, Jason found the coolest roommates in all of Denver, and signed a lease for a house with a beautifully unfurnished basement. The house became known as The Salt Lick. The basement flooded and became known as The Pond. The idea was to create a subterranean digital platform for Denver's eclectic, but still nationally unrecognized music scene. Jason spent the summer of 2020 outfitting The Pond into a live recording & video studio. He's responsible for all the pretty shots & lighting that make Songs from The Pond the audio-visual experience that it is. Jason spends most of his free time skiing. He's also a filmmaker, photographer and front-man of progressive-rock band Sponsored Content. His documentary work has been screened at several national & international film festivals. Jason is the Director of Photography for The Salt Lick Denver's Music Video Production team. 


Sound Engineer

Chris Voss

It’s no small challenge getting good sound out of a basement from the early 1900s. Chris spends a lot of time adjusting the levels to get the audio just right, and he enjoys the unique challenges that each band brings. On top of that, Chris is an amazing bassist and guitarist. You can find him subbing in for some bands around town or working on his psych rock solo project, Silver Screen Fantasy, under which he has released one full length album as well as two EPs. The project explores self-reflection and includes ideas of escapism and fantasy concepts which he aims to share with this audience through psychedelic soundscapes.


Assistant Cinematographer and Engineer • Drum Tech

John Baldwin

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina as he'll tell you with a forced southern accent, John Baldwin is a man of the swamp trying to find a place for his dirty bass riffs and funky drum grooves in the high and dry plains of Colorado. By day he fixes bikes at Z Cycle Shop in Cap Hill, and by night he slips underground to manage his up and coming recording and practice space Z Music Place where he gives music lessons, and engineers sessions for local bands. John produces music through his company Paper Satellite Productions.  

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