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Co-Founder • Set Design • Video Director • Business Development

Andrea Hoang

Andrea puts the salt in The Salt Lick. She centers hospitality in everything that we do— making people feel welcome, comfortable, and satiated is essential to the client experience she strives for within our creative agency, and our recording studio. Andrea uses her strong organizational skills to keep all of our productions, communications, and sessions as streamlined as possible so that our clients can focus on getting the most out of our creative services. 


Her visual artistry, specifically her talent for set building, prop design, and decoration makes her an invaluable part of The Salt Lick’s production team. On set you’ll find her with a super-glue gun in one hand, a C-stand in the other, and the storyboard on a clipboard hanging from her neck. She is a true music fan and a superfan of Denver’s local music scene. Her Spotify wrapped looks like the Underground Music Showcase lineup with some Bad Bunny, and Death Cab for Cutie in the mix as well. 


Andrea constantly reminds us all that with prompt communication, enough spreadsheets, and sheer determination, anything is possible. She has been able to make our clients' wildest creative visions a reality, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our small creative agency. 


Co-Founder • Director of Photography & Videography

Jason Edelstein

Jason is untethered from the limitations of picking a creative medium. He expresses himself through songwriting, film, fiction, and pizza-making. He is obsessed with the story. Whether he’s writing a press release for a band’s latest single, or working to create a branding plan for a small business; Jason looks for tension, motivation, and character development— and if it’s not there he’ll help you discover it. 


At The Salt Lick his primary mode of expression is filmmaking. He is a perfectionist on production, and afterwards and cares deeply about any work that his name, or The Salt Lick’s name is attached too. Prior to production he uses his understanding of fiction & story to elevate client projects to their maximum potential, and uses his understanding of lighting, composition, and visual FX to come up with creative ways to execute complicated ideas and stay within budget. 


In his band Sponsored Content, he is constantly reimagining what it means to be a band and testing out his wild ideas in front of live and digital audiences. Taking inspiration from Jack Stratton and Nathan Fielder, he uses comedy to broaden the audience of his songwriting, and storytelling. In 2023 he released docu-comedy “The Session”, a film exploring his band’s tumultuous and eventually failed process of finding a fourth member. The Session was selected for several film festivals in the United States, and won Best Comedy at Horsetooth Fest in Fort Collins. In his free time you’ll either find Jason in the Pali liftline at Arapahoe Basin or at various backcountry zones in Colorado’s front range.


Sound Engineer

Chris Voss

If you google hard enough you can find pre-teen Chris Voss’s musical works in the depths of bandcamp and soundcloud. Chris, under his artist name Silver Screen Fantasy, has maintained a longstanding musical continuity that parallels the work of his musical idols, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. 


Chris’s recording engineering practice is efficient, and meticulous. He takes great care to listen to his mixes in different environments, while comparing against references from his recording clients. With his passion and commitment to achieving a client’s desired sound, he’s been able to untangle even the most flowery & esoteric revision notes into a sonic masterpiece that exceeds expectations and shines in a car’s speaker system, studio monitors, and even phone speakers. If you’re feeling generous and want to spend an extra hour in our studio, ask Chris about his pedalboard. 


Sound Engineer • Producer • Assistant Cinematographer

John Baldwin

John takes a ground up approach to production and engineering. He builds his own instruments, codes his own plugins, creates compelling arrangements in collaboration with his clients. There are likely things that John can’t do, but we have yet to discover them. He is a student of so many types of music which makes him a perfect fit for production and engineering clients of all genres, from progressive rock, to pop, to country. 


Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina as he'll tell you with a forced southern accent, John Baldwin is a man of the swamp trying to find a place for his dirty bass riffs and funky drum grooves in the high and dry plains of Colorado. He is our go-to session musician for almost every instrument, including backing vocals. Check out his self-titled self-produced solo project “John Baldwin” to get an idea of what he’s truly capable of. 

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