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The Salt Lick Denver Recording Studio

Multi-track recording, production, mixing & mastering, and live sessions.

Great music comes from great performances. We want you to feel at home. Record your next project in Denver's coziest recording studio. 



$57/hr or $415/day*


$55/hr or $400/day with Cash Discount!

*(2 hr recording minimum)

Mixing & Mastering

$315/song Mixing & Mastering

$260/song Mixing

$105/song Mastering


$300/$250/$100 with Cash Discount!

Record your next single, EP, or album at The Salt Lick Denver Recording Studio. Our cozy recording studio combines meticulous acoustic treatment and industry standard equipment, with a hospitality and comfort driven approach to recording and production. Performance is our priority, and we strive to make all our clients feel relaxed and at-home so that we can capture their best performance. Our passionate recording engineers are focused on bringing the energy of your performance to life in the studio, and in the mix.


Live Sessions

Starting at $950/song

with additional discounts for multi-song sessions

Promote your next release, and show talent buyers why they should book your band for their festival!

Professional lighting, cinematography, recording, mixing and mastering all together at an affordable price. We'll transform our studio to match the vibe of your song!

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John Baldwin

Producer, Drummer, Vocalist & Engineer

John takes a ground up approach to production and engineering. He builds his own instruments, codes his own plugins, creates compelling arrangements in collaboration with his clients. There are likely things that John can’t do, but we have yet to discover them. He is a student of so many types of music which makes him a perfect fit for production and engineering clients of all genres, from progressive rock, to pop, to country. John is our go-to session drummer, vocalist, and flautist.  

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Chris Voss

Audio Engineer & Producer

Chris’s recording engineering practice is efficient, and meticulous. He takes great care to listen to his mixes in different environments, while comparing against references from his recording clients. With his passion and commitment to achieving a client’s desired sound, he’s been able to untangle even the most flowery & esoteric revision notes into a sonic masterpiece that exceeds expectations and shines in a car’s speaker system, studio monitors, and even phone speakers. If you’re feeling generous and want to spend an extra hour in our studio, ask Chris about his pedalboard. 

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"A recording experience like no other! The Salt Lick understands amenities and fair recording pricing is what’s needed in a modern studio. Highly recommended!"

- Danny Pauta, The Mañanas


"I had such a marvelous experience at Salt Lick Studios. The staff is an absolute joy to work with and have a very expedient workflow from booking to recording, such a breeze. If you want a professional studio & staff and a community that cares about your music making process and are ready to help make your artistic visions come to life, Salt Lick Studios is your home. I will certainly be back."

- Felix Fast4ward

"It’s a sunroom-like space that juts off from just inside their front door. On one end, there’s a gazebo-style wall with full access to gleaming sunlight, backing their in-house drum kit. [...] Potted plants hang an equal distance from each other around the border of the room. Sound panels the color of sandstone line the walls and ceiling, and blend into Hoang’s mural-in-progress; a vital piece of The Salt Lick wherever they set up shop."

- Carter Ferryman, 303 Magazine, 'The Salt Lick Records Share Excitement Over New Denver Recording Studio'

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