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Songs from The Pond was a curated live session concert series highlighting our favorite bands in Denver's eclectic music scene.

The Songs from The Pond Series released its final episode in March of 2023. The series has been permanently suspended due to lack of funding. It was fun while it lasted.
If you're looking to produce a live-session for your band in our recording studio, please visit our studio page.

March 2023:
Julian St. Nightmare

Julian St. Nightmare takes you on a trip through the dark & murky waters of Songs from The Pond. This dark wave alternative band has become a staple in the underground music scene in Denver. "Darkly enchanting with notes of ’80s nu-wave and classic goth, the band’s sound is the epitome of spooky. 'Spooky Scooby-Doo Halloween music,' as the band put it. [...] Echoic guitar distortion, haunting vocals and chilling synth and bass bring a looming eeriness to the songs." - Toni Elton, 303 Magazine

November 2022:
Ghost Tapes

Ghost Tapes is a Neo Soul band that has been making music together for more than eight years now and has been a staple in the local music scene. The band recently played at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO as well as Iam Music Festival in Durango, CO. This latest session features an unreleased track from the group!


This session also marks the first time we're showing off the new studio space on Songs from The Pond which includes a new mural painted by our own Andrea Hoang.

December 2021:

Named a “Denver Musician to Watch in 2021” by 303 Magazine, N3ptune is an explosive multi-hyphenate hailing from Denver, CO. N3ptune is a genre-bender who merges the essence of gospel, blues, and soul into an amalgamation of pop music as only his mind can create. N3ptune's energy during his live performances are unmatched as he commands the stage like no other. N3ptune's highly anticipated album, Renaissance, was released on December 10th and it lives up to the hype.

November 2021:
Shadow Work

SHADOW WORK is a moody art-rock trio. Their dark, washy guitar textures, intricate bass riffs and dynamic jazz-inspired rhythms create an energetic framework for a tortured, soulful narrative. Based out of Denver, their live shows emit a passion for musical experimentation: Intricate time signatures interweave with progressive compositions, flowing from haunting and delicate to fervent and powerful.

August 2021:

Ramakhandra is a group of four gifted dreamers. Annastehzaa, Clato, Ness, and Nobahdee met in a series of coincidences that could be called fate in 2018. Sharing songwriting duties on all songs, their individual personalities combine into a singular mighty music Megazord that draws its influences from anime, nature, video games, food, and the modern world around them.

This is music from the future for the present. A gift and a warning, a mystery, and an answer. A delicious meal that is also medicine. Ramakhandra is music to wrap yourself in, one moment it's raindrops falling on your face, the next it’s an interdimensional storm soaking you to your very essence. But above all, it's breathtaking. Their debut LP downloaded into the collective consciousness in Summer 2020. They are currently in the laboratory cooking up album II and we were lucky to record three songs from that album in this session!

July 2021:
O'Connor Brothers Band

O’Connor Brothers Band is a four piece, Denver, CO based band that plays original New Roots & Rock music written by twin brothers, Matt and Sean O’Connor. They bring an upbeat, modern feel to a classic style to create a unique and gritty new roots sound that is turning heads throughout Colorado and beyond.


Making up the main cast of the band is Matt O’Connor on guitar/lap steel and lead vocals, Sean O’Connor on saxophones and backup vocals, Collin Sitgreaves on drums and percussion, and Pierce Murphy on Bass and backup vocals. Matt, Sean and Collin all first played together while studying in the jazz program at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

June 2021:
Maya Bennett

Originally hailing from Loveland, Colorado, the self-described “sad-screamo folk” singer-songwriter finds her inspiration in the in-between moments, the ones we feel most human. Her intensely raw and honest songwriting has won her multiple songwriting awards.


Maya picked up the guitar at twelve, played her first gig at fifteen, and took the grand prize in the 2016 Young Songwriters Competition at Swallow Hill Music. Prior to lockdown, Maya was a regular face around town at local venues like Roxy Broadway, Larimer Lounge, Lost Lake, and much more. 

May 2021:

Stop Motion

Formed in late 2016, Stop Motion is a Soul band out of Denver, Colorado that is always seeking new sounds. The eclectic tastes of songwriters Evan Lei and Faith Allen blur the lines between genres, combining the lyrical sincerity of folk music with the magnetic grooves of soul. Stop Motion was featured on CPR's Indie 102.3 Local 303 March line up. They recently released their latest single and music video for "Mandy" in March of 2021 as well as their music video for "Enough" late last year.

April 2021:


Band members Hannah (Vocals/Piano), Karina (Bass), Syd (Drummer), Austin (Vocals/Guitar), and Ian (Guitar) deliver a captivating performance with songs that will be playing on repeat in your heads long after you finish watching the session.  Self described as "emotionally indulgent, dreamy pop", Hannah's songwriting is vulnerable, authentic, and emotionally raw; it'll will make you feel all sorts of feelings and keep you coming back for more.


Mlady recently released a new album, Maladaptive Daydreaming, on March 31st. Mlady is currently featured in Indie 102.3's Local 303 May Line Up!

February 2021 :

Bear and the Beasts

Bear and the Beasts play soul-tinged orchestral Americana music somewhere between Aaron Copland and Bruce Springsteen. Fronted by singer-songwriter, Bear Redmon's heartfelt lyrics and bone-chilling vocals, and flanked by an impressive ensemble of incendiary guitars, horns, strings, and percussion, the Beasts are nothing short of epic in their craftsmanship and delivery.

January 2021:

Mad Wallace

The Quartet, based in Denver, CO, is comprised of Jake L. (drums), Jamie (guitar, vocals), Jake S. (guitar, vocals), and Drake (Bass). The band’s presence on stage reflects more than musical technique, it sheds a light on the friendship that lies at the core of the band. It is this love for each other, the audience, and the music that has fans coming back for more as Mad Wallace hurtles their way across the fertile musical landscape of the American jam-band scene.

Riding high off the release of their full length studio album “Okapi” (2020) Mad Wallace is primed and ready to take on the world and bring musical bliss to all those jamming along with them.

December 2020:

Immigrant's Child

A Denver based, high-energy, indie/alternative rock band made up of Keeana (Vocalist), Josiah (Bass), Mario (Lead Guitar), and Brenden (Drums). This local band has made appearances (pre-pandemic) at many local independent venues like Herman's Hideaway, Lion's Lair, Your Mom's House, and Globe Hall.

This band was also the featured artist of the month on Indie 102.3's Local 303 spotlight for the month of January 2021.

The band released their debut self-titled album the end of November 2020.

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