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Born as a means of escapism and self-reflection, Silver Screen Fantasy is an ever-evolving art project created by Chris Voss. Combining the influences of Math Rock, Jazz and Psychedelia, his music is warm and nostalgic while bouncing between shimmering soundscapes and hypnotic grooves.

Chris began playing guitar around the age of eight, and with a natural curiosity for music he taught himself drums, bass and keys, by thirteen composing full songs recording alone in his basement. Over the years this project proved itself a vessel to learn musicianship, engineering, composition, and his own psyche. “Music has always been the one safe space for me, as I was bullied at school and home wasn’t any better. When I write it is both a way to center myself in a given moment, but also to reflect upon my circumstances and express those feelings in the only way I know how, in a way language can’t convey for me.”

While at university, Chris connected with the Denver music scene and joined the Psych R&B group Faux Mantra, playing bass and producing the group's music until they separated. He then began engineering for The Salt Lick’s Songs from the Pond concert series in late 2020. Through this Chris never stopped writing his own music, and with a catalog gathering dust, he has decided to push past the bounds of self doubt and perfectionism and embark on this journey once again.

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