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emotionally indulgent dreamy pop

 "...the band captures a particularly intimate side of everyday life — the moments you hold on to, the moments you let go of, and the moments that hold you down. Rather than defaulting to mundanity, mlady, anchored in Beeghly’s honest lyricism and cogent delivery strives for more."

-Kori Hazel, 303 Magazine

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"Soft and lilting, mlady captivates with intimate and honest lyrics on their latest single, “Happier Alone, Fuck You” [...] At just over two minutes in length, the song is short but endlessly beautiful in its simplicity.

- Mariah Hansen, 303 Magazine

Happier Alone, Fuck You mlady
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Their first full-length album 'Maladaptive Daydreaming', which features Sydney Jones on drums and Karina Magistrate on bass explores some of the many coping mechanisms Beeghly has adopted over the years - habits that may have served her in the past, but now make it harder to move forward in the present. Songs range from energetic indie rock to Beeghly’s softer, more atmospheric home-recorded demos, all mixed by Chris Beeble of the Blasting Room Studios.

Verby guitar and harmony-laden vocals are consistent throughout mlady’s body of work, paying homage to Beeghly’s love of lush, gazey soundscapes and dream pop influences, but the heart of mlady’s music lies in their ability to create a pop song: the kind that works its way into your ears, gets stuck in your brain, and settles deep within your heart.

Class of 09mlady
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When Do You Knowmlady
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Maladaptive Daydreamingmlady
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"mlady’s 'Magnifying Glass' starts with a slow and simple melody, drawing you into the scene, giving you a front seat to watch its creation unfold. As the music swells, the scene complicates to match the emotion of the song — and before you realize it, you’ve journeyed to where the scene meets its gruesome end."

- Mariah Hansen, 303 Magazine



Fronted by singer/songwriter Hannah Beeghly, Denver-based mlady makes emotionally indulgent dreamy pop. First formed in 2018 with guitarist Austin Bourdon, mlady began as a vehicle for Beeghly’s songwriting - catchy melodies and reflective lyrics that deal with her attempts to process and understand her own mental health. “Growing up a pastor’s kid in a strict, religious household was difficult for me and I’m still constantly fighting a penchant for black and white thinking, struggling to embrace feelings I wasn’t allowed to openly feel, and dealing with a lot of accompanying guilt. Being an Asian-American in a community that didn’t value differences or diversity really added to my loneliness, and that feeling of otherness has fueled my desire to find belonging in songwriting and music.”






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