What do Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy, Yussef Dayes, and Hiatus Kaiyote all have in common (besides making incredible music)?

They use live session videos to promote their releases and expand their audience.


The reason live sessions work so well for promotion is because they get your music picked up by YouTube’s discovery algorithm, which leads people to stream your music, which in turn helps your releases get placed on algorithmic playlists. Every part of the online music ecosystem is necessary, but YouTube is the place to start.


The Salt Lick Production Crew is ready to film, edit, mix & master your 4 camera high-fidelity live session.

We can work on a song by song basis or 30-minute sessions.

After the session the content is all yours and we can break it up however you like. If you want to promote one song at a time in separate videos, we can do that. If you want to release a live EP or album on Spotify we can send you the masters.


Each session comes with a release strategy consultation.

Recording a live session isn't worth the money unless people will see it.


We'll advise you on how to release your session and your music so that it makes a lasting impact on your band's career. If you want even more help with promotion we can manage your release for you. 

Our live room can accommodate 5 musicians comfortably and up to 8 musicians slightly uncomfortably (just like old times). We have a healthy backline of tube amps, and a drum kit.

* While we are the crew behind The Salt Lick’s Songs from The Pond series, these sessions are private and are not affiliated with The Salt Lick or Songs from The Pond. After the session the video is yours to publish and promote.

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