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Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, John Baldwin began his musical journey with a small handful of collaborators, absorbing nutrients from the roots of the local jazz and folk scenes. He began as a drummer, studying at the Leonard School of Music and learning from recent Grammy winner Quentin Baxter for some time, but later began to branch out into bass, guitar, mandolin, and a couple of homemade instruments. He began sharing some of these eclectic sounds and producing for a handful of local musicians and bands such as Joshua Jarman, Eldritch Root, and Afterglow. He also played live with locals such as Cat Strickland and Matthew Crissman.


John signed up as a crew leader for a trail-based Americorps program that gave him the chance to travel around his home state of South Carolina. Although he would be away from the music scene at times, he made slow and steady progress on the next album of original music, Circumnavigate. At the end of his service, he released the album, and traveled by bicycle up and down the East Coast shortly after. With his wanderlust still unsatisfied, he traveled the country by car and landed in Denver. He began turning wrenches at Z Cycle Shop and playing and producing for a handful of local acts such as Fat Brando and Alex Trainor. He has contributed to The Salt Lick’s Songs from the Pond series and has recently joined the label as an artist. He recently opened his own music studio, Z Music Place, where he teaches and records. His current projects include local acts such as Meli Tierra, Gio Bard Zero, and more. John is excited to be a part of the scene and looks forward to growing with it.

In May of 2022, John releases his second full-length album titled 'Change'. In addition to the album, John released his first music video for 'Change', the album's title track, in April 2022. 




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